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Credit History Report Checks

A credit history report provides a wealth of knowledge on your suppliers/vendors and job candidates. Sign up now for online access to our credit history report services and our wide selection of data sources. Protect your business assets and start making more informed decisions today with e-VERIFILE’s comprehensive credit check services.

With affordable prices, no software to install or learn, and enhanced security, isn’t it time you invested in regular credit check searches for vendors you rely upon or applicants you trust with your company’s proprietary information? Pay as you order the reports you want – it’s that easy to protect your assets and reduce liabilities.

Fast, Affordable Credit Check Services

We invite you to become a customer to utilize our cost-effective, online credit history report and information searches. Does your organization require an “A” credit rating to do business with a consumer or would you consider “B,” “C”, or “D” ratings as well? If you’re unsure, e-VERIFILE can help your company with credit check services to determine how bad is bad and fit the consumer to your specified criteria.

Choose e-VERIFILE for your credit history report needs. Learn more by clicking on the navigation links below for descriptions of our credit check services:

  Experian Business Credit Report Experian Business Credit Report
  PEER® Employment Report PEER® Employment Report
  Trans Union Credit Report Trans Union Credit Report
  Equifax Credit Report Equifax Credit Report
  Experian Credit Report Experian Credit Report
  Tenant Rental History Report Tenant Rental History Report
  Sub-Prime Credit Search Sub-Prime Credit Search
  Bankruptcy Search Verification Bankruptcy Search Verification


Business Credit Report
Pending --
Credit Reports

Represents a current, objective picture of how a business handles its financial obligations. The Business Credit Reports from Experian help you make effective business decisions to minimize your risk by providing: actual trade data experiences, public record information, company background, and comparative data placing a company's payment performance in context with its industry.


PEER® Employment Report
Credit Reports

This employment version of a consumer credit report is specifically designed for hiring purposes and can provide valuable insight into an applicant's financial responsibilities as well as verify previous employment and past address information.

Some of the "critical facts" included in this report are: applicant identification information, former addresses, past employment, payment status and history as well as detailing the promptness of an applicant's ability to meet regular financial obligations, and pertinent public records (collections, lawsuits, or judgments).


Consumer Credit Reports
Credit Reports

In file consumer credit reports from all three National Repositories - Trans Union, Equifax and Experian. Risk Models can be added as well, including Fair Isaac (FICO) Scores and Bankruptcy Scores. These reports are extremely helpful in evaluating credit risk and useful as a valuable collection tool. Addresses and Phone Numbers of all Creditors and Inquiry Companies are contained in each reports Creditor Phonebook section. Requires a Permissible Purpose as specified by The Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA).


Tenant Rental History Report
Credit Reports

e-VERIFILE.COM provides access to over 21 million files on rental histories supplied by a national network of property managers who have rented or are currently renting to your consumer. Move-ins, move-outs, evictions, judgments for possession and rent, property damage, unlawful detainers and skips are reported as they happen. This database also includes the reporting of excellent rental history that, at times, can be the only source of positive credit history available.


Sub-Prime Credit Search --Pending--
Credit Reports

Contains information on consumers who have skipped on rental, finance, or service agreements, have stolen merchandise or automobiles, used a fraudulent social security number, or have written uncollectable checks. (Requires a signed consumer release.)

e-VERIFILE.COM provides access to sub-prime consumer information records. This information is collected from merchants who interface with high-risk consumers daily, including rent-to-own stores, sub-prime furniture and appliance stores, sub-prime consumer finance companies, sub-prime auto dealers, sub-prime mortgage companies, check advance/deferred deposit/payday loan companies, title loan companies and cable television companies.

Many of these merchants either do not report back to traditional consumer reporting companies, or don't do so in a timely manner. Therefore, when an individual falls into the sub-prime category, often the only source of current information is this database.


Bankruptcy Search Verification
Credit Reports

A national search for records of all bankruptcies. The information returned may include date filed, Attorney/Trustee name, address, and phone number, date and time of the first meeting of creditors (341 meeting), discharges, dismissals and conversions.

If you are involved in collection, fraud prevention, new account authorization, or bankruptcy legal handling, now you have a better way to track current bankruptcy information. You can search a database of almost 7 million records covering all 50 states plus the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands.

"An Authorized Banko Reseller"

e-VERIFILE.COM provides real-time access on all bankruptcy filings, discharges, dismissals and conversions. Case numbers are monitored for each court according to numbers filed in each division--this assures that all findings, 341 meetings, discharges dismissals, and conversions are found.


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