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Welcome to the new eRailSafe 2.0 

eRailSafe is the Class 1 and ShortLine industry standard for contractor safety and security management for Railroads and the vendors that serve them.

eRailSafe enables Class I and ShortLine Railroads to monitor and maintain a history of all contractor employees that have access to their property. The purpose of the program is to improve the security of railroad employees, operations and facilities. As part of these efforts,

Vendor applicants are required to submit to background investigations.

Vendor applicants must complete required safety and security awareness tests for their assigned railroads.

Vendor applicants are required to wear eRailSafe ID Badges when working on railroad property. Badges are issued upon successful completion of background investigation and compliance testing.

“To help close security gaps, several Class I railroads teamed with eVerifile, a background investigation firm, to create an industry-wide security and safety initiative known as eRailSafe. The eRailSafe program is designed to facilitate background screening and credentialing of Class I freight railroad contractors and contractors’ employees.”

Edward R. Hamberger
President & Chief Executive Officer
Association of American Railroads
February 16, 2007

Congressional Testimony