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Background Checks
Background Checks

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  Certificate and License Verification Certificate and License Verification
  Motor Vehicle Report Motor Vehicle Report
  Social Security Number Search Social Security Number Search
  Tax Lien Search Tax Lien Search
  Worker Compensation Report Worker Compensation Report
  Employment Verification Report Employment Verification Report
  Character Reference Check Character Reference Check
  Education Verification Education Verification
  Criminal Records Criminal Records
  Credit Reports Credit Reports


Certificate and License Verification
Certificate and License Verification

Many companies require an applicant to be licensed in a specific discipline. However, similar to education credentials, licenses and certificates can also be fraudulent.

The certificate and license verification can confirm your applicant has the necessary certification to perform his or her job. Medical, nursing, aviation, accounting, attorney, and plumbing licenses can be verified. We'll provide you with a complete and accurate license dossier on your potential employees.


Motor Vehicle Report
Motor Vehicle Report

A search to accurately assess the subject's driving record. The information returned may include a history of reckless driving, speeding, driving under the influence of drugs and alcohol, suspended and revoked driver's license. Accurate assessment of one's driving record is critical, and requires reliable, timely, and complete information. Every time an employee starts a car on company time, the employee and company are liable. e-VERIFILE.COM provides access to Motor Vehicle Reports. Motor Vehicle Reports from all 50 states, including the District of Columbia.

Pertinent information regarding driving history--speeding, reckless driving, and driving under the influence of alcohol and drugs--can directly relate to an applicant's personal conduct and responsibility. A suspended or revoked license will disqualify an applicant from a position where driving is required.

You can receive reports in 24 hours or less. More than half of the reports are available instantly.


Social Security Number Search
Social Security Number Search

This verification is one of the most significant, yet often disregarded, elements of the Pre-Employment Screening process. The fraudulent use of social security numbers is considered to be one of the most abused pieces of personal information.

This social security number (SSN) search will verify the applicant's SSN; identify previous residential addresses and/or names used by an applicant for up to seven years; flag SSN's that have not been issued by The Social Security Administration or have been filed with death claims; detect the fraudulent use of SSN's.


Tax Lien Search
Tax Lien Search

Identifies all Outstanding and Satisfied Federal and State Tax Liens at both State and Federal levels for each individual selected. This product is very helpful when calculating debt ratios for lending or analyzing patterns of behavior in employment applicants.


Worker Compensation Report
Worker Compensation Report

This search may determine whether an employee will take advantage of injury claims. If a person has abused worker's compensation in the past, there is a chance they will do it again. Don't be the next victim!

You can now identify applicants that have consistently taken advantage of worker's compensation laws. This information can prevent costly claims. (Special Requirements For Ordering)


Employment Verification Report
Employment Verification Report

An employee reference verification can provide you with key information about an applicant's work history, productivity, and overall work ethic. Previous employers and co-workers are valuable sources when compiling a complete profile on your applicant.

This search validates dates of hire, terminations, job title or position held, and rehire eligibility.


Character Reference Check
Character Reference Check

When assessing an applicant's character, what you see is not always what you get. Character can be as, if not more, important than an applicant's skills. However, character can be one of the hardest traits to determine.

The Character Reference Interview can provide you with valuable insight to the integrity and personal qualities of an applicant that a resume alone won't disclose. Interviews with past supervisors, friends, and neighbors can all help you develop a clearer portrait of your applicant.


Education Verification
Education Verification

One of the most common areas of resume fraud occurs in the overstatement of the applicant's education. This search can determine if your applicant is qualified to do the job. With the exception of experience, education is the most important component in determining salary.

This search will verify all education claims: undergraduate and graduate schools; technical, business and trade schools; and medical, nursing, accounting, and schools.


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